Maxine always had a weak spot for the colour pink and definitely wanted to implement this into the name of her boutique. After colouring the walls of her boutique pastel pink the name Rosine was chosen. By adding the gold dot above the letter “I” inside the logo it was not only a reference to her favourite colour but also an ode to her mom, the person who started it all.


Maxine is the owner of Rosine. Her friends describe her as a lovely, happy person that spreads positive vibes everywhere she goes. With years of experience and a big smile on her face, she helps woman of all ages find their piece of joy.

Jewellery has always been a big passion of hers so choosing items to go into her collection is something that comes natural. Every piece inside Rosine is carefully curated and has an origin of its own. Thanks to her love for traveling, you’ll often see references to countries she visited like Bali, Spain and Sydney or countries she still wants to go to. Maxine loves to inspire her customers and will always give them the best advice possible.

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